What are QR Codes and How To Generate Them For Free

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Did you ever wonder what those funny square drawings are that your starting to see more and more of. Well, they are QR codes short for “quick response”. Let’s talk about how to put them to use.




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What exactly are those QR codes?

QR codes are simply a more complex barcode. within the two-dimensional design of the QR code lies a hidden code that a computer can read and translate that data into a format that you can understand. the way it works is simple, if your telephone has a camera you can most likely download a free QR code reader application. You then take a picture of the QR code with the app and you are instantly directed to or informed of what this square is all about.


How to generate QR codes for free.

It’s very easy to generate free QR codes by visiting this Free QR Code Generator. There is no need to give away any information or sign-up to any list to use this service.

You have basically four different data feeds that you can create

  • purchase stromectol contact info: instead of having someone type in your contact info from your business card they can now simply scan your QR code and have it instantly downloaded to their phone
  • San Juan Bautista A note: this will open up a notepad in the person’s phone to display what ever text, call to action or advertisement you wanted to display
  • Bashanet a direct link to a website URL: this will have the web browser open up and link the person directly to the website that you chose to embed into QR code


Where should you use these things.

I recommend you have fun with it. Wherever you place this thing you will definitely draw interest. At first people will be intrigued because they have no clue what it is. This is a great conversation starter and an opportunity for you to come off as a leader because you are ahead of the curve. so go check it out at QRcodes.LeadGenerationFunnel.com

2 Responses to "What are QR Codes and How To Generate Them For Free"
  1. Jeffrey Kang says:

    Wow, being able to create your own QR codes would work wonders if there were struggling businesses who needed a better and quicker way to let their past customers know about new sales. Have you tried it out yourself? Does this really work?

    • i have tried it on business cards and drop cards with success but i feel the problem is that the majority of the public is still not aware of exactly what they are. Once they become more mainstream I feel it will really take off

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