The Wealth Hacking Way

There Has to be another way…

We’ve all heard it before
“You want the job of your dreams? Well go to school and get good grades”

My parents were like a broken record. They would repeat that advice over and over again

Growing up rebellious I always questioned that advice but finally realized as I was older why they were so pushy about it.

My mother never went to college but my father did. Both still Struggled finding a job that made them feel satisfied.

I knew from a young age I wanted to become wealthy, for them and for myself, so I had to do something different.

I had to find another way

Now I was committed to finding the other way.

Commitment and resiliency is what the Wealth Hacking Way is all about.

We’re willing to fight until we find it. We know there’s another way

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to follow my
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Start Here, this page summarizes what we’re all about

Capiatá There “IS” a Faster Way to Grow Your Wealth

Gone are the days where you actually have to be old to enjoy the “good old life”. buying Treasury bonds and saving up for your “golden years” have passed.

Technology has allowed everyone, yes even You, with a little knowledge to grow wealth at a much faster rate

Sorry But Being Wealthy is Not All About the Size of Your Bank Account

Eating caviar on the front bow of your 50-foot yacht can be a lot of fun, but it’s not fun if you’re eating and sailing alone.  To enjoy true wealth, you’ve got to have the right balance in your life.

A Wealth hacker recognizes that an abundance of wealth is not just the decimals and commas in your bank account.  Wealth also means having an abundance of time, loving relationships, and a deeper connection with yourself.

Disrupt the Normal, Do the Impossible

Vanløse When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.
Elon Musk

I can honestly say the odds were stacked against me. My parents struggled with money. They ended up separating. Home got foreclosed on, mother had to file bankruptcy. I had to file as well from all the dept I had accrued which was over $20,000 by that point and I still didn’t have a solid job lined up.

Where did all of that get me? Exactly where I needed to be. Don’t do normal. Things are only impossible if you give it permission to be. You have my full blessing to Disrupt the Normal by making things happen and Do the Impossible.

Our Future is Bigger Than Our Past

Doc Brown is not pulling up in your driveway with his DeLorean time machine to go back in time to make things right in your life.  
There’s no sense focusing on what has happened. The Wealth Hacking Way instead focuses on what can happen

An unrecognizable future awaits so long as you put in the work and focus on what you can control today.

Opportunities Are Abundant

There’s never been a time, before now,  in history where multiple opportunities exist to build wealth – online business, Forex, cryptocurrency, real estate, day trading, crowdfunding, Amazon.

These are just a few of the thousand examples that exist that allow you to build wealth that has never existed before now.

The Wealth Hacking Way recognizes there isn’t one clear way to build wealth. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

My Wealth Hacking Blueprint on the next page is the step by step method I found to be the most direct, easiest and quickest path to wealth.

There’s No Such Thing As Failure

It’s only a failure when you give up and that’s why The Wealth Hacking Way never allows failure, because we never give up.  we know that every great idea is not going to work out, and that’s okay. We give ourselves permission to fail so that we can learn from those experiences and take all of that knowledge and apply it to the next great idea. 

Those failures – i.e. experiences – are a tuition that a Wealth Hacker happily pays to get them to the next step.

We Are Our Greatest Investment

There isn’t any investment that is going to give you a greater ROI than investing in education for yourself. This is the basis of the Wealth Hacking Way

We invest in ourselves by enrolling in education platforms, reading books, listening to podcasts, buying courses, joining Facebook mastermind groups, paying for coaches and dining with our mentors to pick their brain.
Claude Toussaint

There is no such thing as investing too much in ourselves.  The more that we invest in ourselves, the greater we grow.

Leverage Is A Good Thing

Sometimes when people hear the word leverage, they get scared.  Am I putting myself in debt? Am I spreading myself too thin? The Wealth Hacking Way knows that these are all false beliefs.  Leverage means utilizing somebody else’s money, skills or talents that best complement your own.

We show you exactly how to use leverage to your advantage in the financial, Forex markets and personal life. You’ll learn how to remain in control not exposing yourself to danger by mitigating risk

We Always Trust, But Verify

A good friend of yours suggests to invest into some stock that he has officially labeled “the next BIG thing”.

Do you dump all your money into it and hope for the best?

If so, slap the back of your hand and throw cold water in your face.

If you are going to follow my blueprint on the next page and follow the Wealth Hacking Way, you never invest into anything that you haven’t done a little bit of research yourself.

Before you act on any investment
follow these guidelines:

Consider the source

Tell me you didn’t get excited about a stock tip from your co-worker that day trades their 401k? If you were my kid, I would put you in timeout.

Ask yourself. “Why is this so good?”

I love when people watch some video on trading and then come to me ready to make millions without putting in any work. Warning: I may slap you for this stupidity.

Is it really a game changer?

If you invested every single penny you had into it and your stock or trade doubled, would that drastically change your life? Reversing roles: what if you lost every single penny you invested into it? If that would affect you more than making a little bit of profit it’s not worth it.

Verifying also applies before hiring a trusted adviser. Surprisingly, more than 70% of other people don’t do a background check before hiring a financial adviser.

I say “other” because that’s NOT you

We Always Give Back

I was raised with respect and was told to always give respect to others. My mother always taught me to give back and share your wealth (Material or Knowledge). That wasn’t just paying for or buying things, but also giving your time to other people.

We all have unique experiences that is a wealth of information for the person just beginning that journey. Educate them. Mentor them. Prevent them from making the same mistakes.

Did you get yourself into a money jam? Make sure your kids, friends, co-workers don’t do the same boneheaded thing you did.
Make a lousy investment? What did you learn from it that others might benefit.

We all have something to give.

Let’s Hack Our
Wealth Together

Above is what The Wealth Hacking Way and myself are all about. If any of that resonates with you, join us.

If you’re still unsure, join us. When I signed up for Chef school there was part of me that still had doubts: Is this right for me? Am I really good enough?

If I would have let those doubts control me I wouldn’t be here today. Be bold and take action.