Train Your Brain To Be a Professional Copywriter In 3 Easy Steps

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Do you want to learn how to write amazing sales copy that gets people salivating to buy your stuff? Do you not want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on training courses to learn how to do this?

How would you like to be able to easily retrain your brain to think and write like those million-dollar copywriters all for free.

It’s actually very simple!

Three Steps to Becoming a Master Copywriter

  1. Find great copy
  2. Get a pen and paper
  3. Start writing

That all can i order prednisone online sounds, easy doesn’t it? Let me explain a little further.

The mind is an amazing tool. Think of it as a muscle, the more you train it and or the more it repeats things the better it gets at whatever it’s doing.

Step 1:

the first thing you want to do is find some amazing sales copy. Look for headlines within your emails that you received that stand out to you. Pick out the ones that actually made you open the email and stood out to you.

Sales copy for copywritingLook for landing pages and website pages that stand out to you. Notice the ones that make you want to pull out your wallet and actually purchase the product.

Look at the sales letter of real popular products.

Step 2:

once you have all of these sales letters, and sales copy examples as well as the good enticing titles and headlines print them out.

You can actually skip this printing part but I highly recommend it.

hand write for copywritingNow you go get a piece of paper and a pencil. There is no exception to this. You are going to physically rewrite the entire sales copy letter onto this piece of paper.

see this here Do Not Type This On the Computer!

It is very important that you actually write this down with your hand on paper. The physical act of rewriting it is training your brain to think like the person that was originally writing the copy.

This is why I say to print out your examples. It is easier to transcribe the writing when you just looking at it next to the paper that your writing on. Just make sure you rewrite it word for word

Step 3:

rewrite the copy at least five times each. The repeated action will ingrain the writing pattern into your mind.

Do maybe one sales copy letter per week rewriting it once a day for five days. Giving yourself two days break. If you can stick on this schedule you will notice that your vocabulary and your writing style will significantly improve within the first few weeks.

Good luck and happy copywriting

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