The difference between a boosted post and a promoted post in Facebook marketing

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top-5-facebook-marketing-mistakes-small-businesses-make-368e01278dI quickly wanted to explain the difference between a boosted post and a promoted post when using Facebook advertising. The boosted post button can be found in the bottom of your post after you posted it. You simply press that button and you start the marketing process of that post. To promote a post you must go and login to your ads manager and create a campaign to promote a particular post. Let me explain in greater detail the difference between the two, the major difference lies in the targeting of your audience.

To boost the post is very simple, you simply press the button located at the bottom of your post and it opens up a window allowing you to start your marketing by setting a budget that you want to spend. facebook-ppcDepending on the number of friends or people that like your page you can have or set a budget anywhere between $5 and up, you can usually choose within increments of five. Once you press the accept button what it does is implant your post within the newsfeeds of your friends, friends-friends or the people that liked your pages and their friends. Let me give you an example let’s say I am your friend or I like your page either or. I will see your post within my feed as well as all of my friends will see your post within their feeds.

A promoted post you actually have to take the time to set up a campaign but it is well worth it. I say this because you can specify the target audience that you are market that post to. In marketing it’s all about targeted prospects and audience. You simply go to the settings icon in the top right-hand corner facebook-marketingof Facebook then click on the advertise on Facebook. Or you can also click on random links that you see within ads saying would you like to place an ad as well or something like that. Once you are in your ads manager you must first set up an account and then you can start creating campaigns. It is very simple and very straightforward you can specify showing you posts depending on your content and target by endless categories such as likes, interests, pages, groups, movies, books, people, countries, age, sex, schools and the list just goes on its ridiculous but extremely effective and necessary for good marketing.

I hope this helps to explain a little bit the difference between a boosted post and promoting your post within Facebook. Remember you don’t need a high budget to market, five dollars goes a long way. Have fun and be prosperous.

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