The Benefits Of Using A Mobile App Versus A Mobile Website To Market

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where can i buy ivermectin ivermectin imagesNowadays it seems everything is going mobile. With everybody basically having smart phones with Internet access this has become the new playing field for the big dogs. There are basically two different platforms with mobile advertising. You have your mobile websites and your mobile apps. Knowing which one would benefit you depends on the type of audience and market your advertising to as well as the type of business or products you have. But they are still some clear differences and advantages to using a mobile app versus a mobile website or a combination of both.


Willich Your first step in deciding whether you should have just a mobile website or a mobile app is to determine if your consumers will actually be using the features of an app. You’ll have to determine if you have a product or service that can actually allow individuals to interact or participate with your everyday operations.


mobile1A mobile site is basically set up to be a streamlined full functional website. It is useful for giving out information and for allowing people to consume information on the site. Its also ideal for selling your products, goods or services allowing people to put in orders and purchase directly from the site. It’s a great way for people to find out your contact info so they can contact you by phone e-mail or snail mail. Basically it is used for normal business stuff.


A mobile app or application is more integrated with the device the consumer is carrying. For example you can send push notifications directly to that person’s phone. This can be used to engage them directly because it pops up on your home screen. You can offer them incentives, rewards, bonuses, games or anything that will engage them with your app. This will create a brand loyalty and keep them coming back more.


Apps also have access to the phone’s camera. Meaning you can create different game or activities for the consumer to interact with using a camera taking pictures from different locations and collecting data all for you. They can also be integrated with the calendar setting up appointments directly so they will never miss a call or a contact date.


mobileAn app can integrate with so many features of the phone and allow your marketing to be right in the palm of your target consumers hand gives mobile apps and mobile marketing the advantage. You can have your apps accessible only to a certain demographic or geographical radius again specifically targeting your prime audience.


So depending on what your needs are as well as your budget I believe the ideal marketing campaign is a combination of a mobile website as well as developing a mobile app.



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