The Benefits of Marketing With Social Media Like Facebook and Twitter

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Samdari socialThe direction that the Internet is heading, is that pretty soon everything will be dealing with social media. After all we are human beings and we like to be social. People like talking in discussions as well as debating their opinions or just like to spread gossip. Just like the best type of marketing is word-of-mouth, social media with Facebook and twitter provides exactly that. When you go on a page from a product the company you will find people discussing about the company and or the products as well as interacting with each other. All of this creates a buzz around the company product or person and create a viral affect that spreads the word.

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One of the major reasons that you should be marketing with social media is the amount of people that you can actually find using these sites. There is about close to 900 million people using Facebook and about 100 million using twitter. Simply to be able to tap Into a small percentage of this vast population will give you great benefits.


buzzThe fact that there are so many people using social media and interacting with social media it creates a viral component that cannot be found in any other type of marketing platform. When somebody likes a comment or replies to a comment their friends see this interaction. Now the friend might choose to also comment or interact and their friends will see this, so on and so on. This is how you create a viral buzz. It’s not something that can be forced but instead something that has to happen naturally. This is why it is the best type of marketing because it’s created by the consumers talking about your product.


With social media your able to actively engage with your existing fans. It’s important to continuously interact with them in order for them to feel like they actually mean something. They friend requested you or like your page or are following you on twitter for a reason. They want to hear what you have to say. Bringing them into the conversation by asking questions or posting surveys or simply creating a little drama with a discussion can help interact your users and give them what they want.


It’s important also to actively and continuously grow your fan base. Let’s face it this is a numbers game the more people you have in front of you to present your offer the better your chances are of closing a sale. While you’re interacting with your fan base you should be friend requesting, following tweeters and simply asking for people to like your page if they like your content. The more people you have following you the more chances your content will become viral.


brandYou can easily create brand loyalty with social media. Simply by asking questions to your consumers about how they appreciate the product. Or you can create contests for people to interact. You can run giveaways or give out coupons so people feel like they’re getting a deal and will always come back to search for more deals. All of these little free handouts create a loyalty to your product, people want to keep coming back for bigger and better deals.


Now of course all of this is based around creating sales. But you never want to directly sell on social media. People are not on their to buy, they are there to discuss communicate and talk about products that they want to buy and or sell. Giving them the social communication aspect based around the products will get them in the mood to purchase. You’ll want to have a good landing page or website to pull people off of Facebook and into the sales pitch. Never oversell on Facebook or twitter but you do want to talk favorably about products to get people in the mood to purchase. The best thing about Facebook or twitter is that, it could be somebody else of no relation talking about your product that gets them looking for you and eventually


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