STOP Selling Network Marketing

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In the network marketing industry or the direct sales and the MLM niche there is no actual selling of your product or opportunity that should be practiced. We have to understand that there is a clear difference between trying to convince somebody into purchasing something or changing their mindset instead of showing somebody something that they already had interest in or are already convinced by their mindset is that the proposal works.

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If somebody has the mindset of going to work everyday and trading their time for money just so they can receive a steady paycheck is going to be hard to convince them to work independently from home with income that is not stable. You need to stop trying to sell or convince to these individuals and strictly sort out and look for the people that already have their mindset and goals set forth to support themselves.

You’re wasting your time and energy and valuable efforts chasing cold people and making cold calls instead of just asking a few simple questions to find out where that person is in their life and their goals. So stop selling and start sorting through the different people.


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