Stop Ripping Your Hair Out and Stay Productive Even With all the Nonsense Around

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ProductivityToday I’m writing this from my clean desk in my new office.  I have the door shut and it’s a nice quiet environment.  Gave myself a time limit to manage what I needed to do and because of this I’m a lot more focused, a lot more productive and my stress levels are easily managed.  I feel like I had a new awakening in my business.  Continue reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


One of my facebook friends and fellow marketer Adam Chandler who I respect very much had some of the similar problems that I was facing.  See Adam is a laid-back down-to-earth relaxed kind of guy, and the fact that he likes to snowboard I can relate.  A few years ago he made the trip to relocate to Colorado.  After losing his job and turning to online marketing he struggled with staying focused and actually being productive in his efforts.  After it took about six months and thousands of dollars to see his first result and actually making a name for himself quickly within a year or two, he learned quite a few things on how to produce efficiently.


My office and deskFor a few dollars I recently picked up Adams course “23 productivity secrets” and I must say I was highly impressed.  I thought I was going to get a few good tips or ideas but this is actually something that I implemented that same night.  I just took a few of the techniques and apply them, now feeling like I have a firm grasp of my content creation I can more easily stay focused and on track towards my goal of why I’m doing this.  But that’s not it the info in these videos and lists touched me so deeply that it actually motivated me to better my personal and business environment for better results.  This is why I relocated my office in my home.


Today’s world is full of distractions between the TV, Facebook, e-mail, Skype, your phone, your friends stopping by or even just other marketers trying to divert your attention with all their different offers.  My father taught me you have to be able to manage “Time bandits” as he would call them.  Everybody has the same amount of time in the day 24 hour’s it’s up to you how you manage yourself within that time, you will always have distractions that will chew up your time and or take it away from you (Time bandits those little bastards lol).  To my surprise Adam went into detail on this topic.


Just a few of the takeaways I got and you will as well are the importance of a structured plan, managing distractions with deadlines, what’s the most efficient use of your time, the importance of routines, breaks, exercise and leading a balance life.  I could go on because I took four pages of notes watching the videos but I’m not here to write a novel about it.

When you click on the link you will go to my facebook page, just fill in your email and you will get a free video on what to expect from the course. Enjoy!



Do yourself a favor take advantage of this training for the price of a large coffee at your favorite coffee house, and allow yourself to get the correct mindset that you need to produce the income you deserve.

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