Mastering the art of Social media SEO

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Social media SEO
Social media SEO

Mastering the art of Social media SEO

Ever wonder how people get filthy rich with the help of social media? Well this is no more a mystery as all is revealed in this article. With the launch of popular social sites such as Facebook and twitter, social media SEO strategy has been developed gaining immense popularity and achieving success driven results. This generates income for many home based and affiliate businesses which has created many internet millionaires giving rise to some popular success stories. With the emergence of Social media sites the concept of Social media SEO has gained immense popularity. No wonder why every company now considers it mandatory to have a Facebook page. Did you know the three pillars of social media SEO strategy are Content, back links and social media SEO.

When it comes to social media SEO good quality content as well interactive posts are essential as this generates interest in page visitors helpful in building and establishing relationships.


Social media SEO and Google ranking:

Social Media SEOSocial networking SEO and google search engine ranking go hand in hand when it comes to a business and for all form of affiliate marketing. All over the web without giving it much thought, people are too busy in just haphazardly placing random back links just for the sake of it, but the truth is that for an effective and well planned social media SEO strategy is required. Social networking SEO really works and actually intersects General SEO. Attributes of SEO alone are Targeted internet traffic, outsourcing and easy maintenance while on the other hand attributes of social media are linear progression, predictability, ease of use and building relationships. Merge the two together then the additive effect is high potential and long lasting results.


Social Media SEO a continuous cycle:

Social media SEO requires various strategies to be applied simultaneously to gain advantage of their cumulative affect. By diligently working on the Social networking SEO content you can ingeniously place various SEO orientated back-links. Also the content should be socially engaging by regularly updating posts as well as placing videos, photos and updates.

Lets consider an example of Twitter is a popular micro blogging site. According to statistics twitter SEO is positively effective which can boost internet traffic by a whopping 2% considering you place a maximum of 2 hashtags per post placing total of 21 hashtags. However for different businesses different strategies work better. That’s why all social media SEO tips come in handy. If we take the example of Facebook a business having a Facebook page after its launch with good quality content will get sufficient likes, shares, editorials which will propagate and form a substantial google engines search record which will subsequently help the company establish a good reputation with masses. A reputable company is much more likely to get sales and achieve success driven results.

Social Media SEO facebookSocial media marketing is a constantly evolving process and the metaphor will be different as each year elapses. The reason for this is the constantly changing Google algorithm, requiring people to adapt with the its ever changing climate. Social media SEO 2014 is complicated with new introduction of new parameters such as Penguin alerts, that requires different strategies to be implemented conjunctively. To help you achieve the best out of 2014 social media SEO, an innovative product containing hundreds of valuable social media SEO tips has been released with the aim to help individuals like you, reach their latest social media SEO goals.

Michelle Pescosolido is a renowned social media SEO marketing queen who made a Million Dollars just in a matter of six months. She now teaches Social media marketing to entrepreneurs who have started affiliate marketing or run a business from home. She has shared her tricks and secrets of social networking SEO and twitter SEO and how she managed to get 40K Facebook likes.

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