Should You Even Bother Being Focused?

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Any type of self driven person will immediately realize what an absurd question the title is. You also realize that it’s not always easy to stay focused, even while knowing how critically important it is.

Focus to me is driven mainly by how strong my want for something is. The stronger the want, the stronger your focused on achieving it. But to truly know your want you really have to dig down and find out why you want it. Actually knowing why you want something forces you to question yourself on all levels and allowing you to truly accept and appreciate the reasons.

Once you establish your initial focus, even though it might have been hard for some that was the easy part. Staying focused, is where it’s hard. You have so many choices of different marketing mediums to choose from it gets overwhelming. You start one method and maybe you don’t see results immediately so you try another method and this snowball to the point where no results ever happened. You have to stick with one or two ways that you’re comfortable with and roll with it until you see the results.

I am guilty like everyone else losing track, wanting to try new methods or new automatization bots, but staying focused on true and tried methods is what is giving me what I want. I learned a lot about being focused from running kitchens. Imagine a brigade in the kitchen where each part of the dish was prepared by the separate chef specialized for that section. You then have 4 to 5 chefs harmonizing to prepare one masterpiece dish. Compare each chef as a method of marketing. A master marketer is, like having a brigade behind you.

Don’t feel like you need to start off having a huge brigade. Start off with one method specializing in that. When you feel comfortable that the method is well monetized then start indulging in other techniques. Always grow at a gradual and natural pace. Doing too much too fast not only looks unnatural but you will get penalized by either getting sandboxed or accounts shut down.

Set a realistic goal. Set even an easy goal. The main point here is to be consistent. It’s better to do just one thing a day applied to the method you choose. Guaranteed you will see more results than jumping around looking for the next best method and actually getting nothing done.

2 Responses to "Should You Even Bother Being Focused?"
  1. Jeffrey Kang says:

    I found it to be easiest to accomplish something, especially because I get off track pretty easily, if I make a to-do list or use a schedule to stay organized. It’s really important to know what your priorities are, so maybe that’s something you all should organize your lists by, instead of a jumbled up list of things to do.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jeffrey. People usually just have one major huge long list and then get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Start off with that list and then break down your goals into sections and then create new lists for each of those sections until you have about one or two tasks per day per goal

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