Article Marketing – My Guide on How to Get Started!

Thousands of network marketers and Internet marketers have been taking advantage of article marketing as a great free way to drive traffic to their websites, MLM businesses as well as the merchant websites they are affiliated with. Article marketing is probably the best way to generate free traffic as well as getting organic search results within Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine.

Article marketing does not have to be difficult. The process is very simple, and towards the end of the course I will even show you the secrets I use for you to easily produce several unique articles everyday. All article marketing is about is simply for you to write a 250 to 500 word article about a topic or subject that you are interested in or a topic you’re interested in getting listed under, submitted to the free article websites, then wait for you to be ranked by the search engines. Meaning you could realistically and quite easily appear on page one of Google within days as compared to weeks or months if you try to optimize a website.

Article marketing is 100% free and it’s definitely something that anyone can do and should be doing!

How to Get Your Article Listed in the Search Engine’s

Once you have submitted your article to a director research as no further work is needed on your part in order for the search engines to crawl and index your article. Article directories such as get crawled several times a day because of the massive amounts of content that gets uploaded to their websites.

Speaking of content you can’t just submit any old article. If you really want to have first page on Google within a couple days you have to have your content optimized for low competition keywords (I will show you further down this page how to find these keywords). The search engines take a lot into consideration when they rank your article, but I can tell you that “Content is KING”

Some important article ranking facts are:

Popularity – this is measured by seeing how many sites are linking them directly to your article and if these sites are actually popular themselves

Content of sites linking in – the websites that are actually linking in to your article give your article more link juice if they are relevant to your article.

Anti-Spam – if you have too high of a keyword density (meaning how many times your keyword appears in the article) then the search engines will look at your article as spam. You need to target a keyword density of 1% to 2% not including the title.

Basically getting listed comes down to the quality of your content and how relevant it is. But you can also speed up the process by bookmarking article on different social networks such as,, or

Understanding Relevance and Understanding Your Audience

before you can write a good relevant articles you really have to understand the audience that you’re writing to. While your brainstorming for your article you need to have a few key questions in the back of your mind at all times to make sure that your writing is relevant.

  1. Who is the audience that I’m writing to?
  2. What are they looking for?
  3. Where are they able to get this product or service (online)?
  4. Why would they even need this product or service?
  5. How is my offer going to help or benefit them?

These are very important questions that you need to know the answers to before you ever hit a keystroke on your keyboard writing your article. The most important factor in determining how successful your article will be its relevance.

Researching Your Keywords

In order to determine whether or not your article has potential to receive traffic, you have to figure out how much competition you will be up against. You have to find out which keywords to optimize your article with to get optimum results.

Analyze your competition with Google

You can easily figure out what you’re up against and whether or not a keyword is competitive or not by going to Type in your search using “…” (quotes) as this will grab the results for the EXACT search phrase.

Here is an example search:

“How Can I Easily Make Money Online”

at the time when I wrote this there was 1,270 results that came up in Google. The rule of thumb is to try and aim for keywords where you get a search result less than 5000, since there is less competition it’ll be much easier to get your keyword listed. If you were to try and target a keyword like “make money” that has over 58,000,000 results, what do you think your chances are?

Next you want to take a look at the top ranking natural listings under your search term. In order to have a better chance of ranking on the first page you want to try and aim for search terms where the sites that come up have a lower page rank than the article directories your submitting to.

It’s easy to determine the page rank by
downloading the Google toolbar at:
or you can use this tool: Google page rank tool

Analyzing your traffic with the Google keyword tool

Use this tool to analyze how much traffic the key word is getting: Google Keyword Tool

You might find a keyword that has low competition, but you want to make sure that keyword is actually getting some traffic. Check the keywords in the Google keyword tool to make sure that there is a steady monthly and daily traffic.

Now You’re Finally Ready to Write Your Article

For most marketers writing articles is the most time-consuming part of the whole process, but it doesn’t have to take you hours on end just to write a single article and fully optimize it. And as I said earlier at the bottom of this course I will show you a way that makes writing articles painless. We discussed earlier about researching and finding your audience. You will now need to use that research. All articles have to be written with a certain audience, and more importantly, a certain keyword phrase in mind.

Writing articles is easily broken down into a few simple tasks:

  • Selecting the keyword phrases that you want to focus on
  • Outlining the layout of your article into topics
  • Optimizing the keyword density

Selecting Keyword Phrases

You want to research keywords that have low competition in the search engines. You want to select one of these keyword phrases to write your article on. Choose a topic you want to write about.

Every article you write should have a minimum of one keyword phrase that you focus on. Remember the keyword phrase should have less than 5000 natural listings in Google.

Outlining the Layout of Your Article into Topics

A lot of people like to write their articles in MS Word or using Notepad. The easiest way to get started is to layout your article into paragraphs are topics that you wish to discuss:

  1. Headline: Write a Catchy Headline that includes the Keyword Phrase you are targeting
  2. What is your subject
  3. Benefits of your subject
  4. How will your subject help
  5. Personal thoughts about the program
  6. How to join or by your subject

Optimizing Keyword Density

Before you start you will need to realize what your keyword density is to watch out for. For example if you are writing a 500 word article with the keyword density of 1% to 2%, your keyword will appear In this article between 5 and 10 times. You don’t want to be too much higher than this otherwise the search engines may categorize your article as being keyword spam.

Below Is a Sample Breakdown of How an Article Should Be Laid out:

The heading of the article uses the exact keyword phrase that the article focuses on.

This is then followed by a couple paragraphs that focus on relevancy and connecting emotionally with the visitor. You want to prelude your article and grab the attention of your visitors here.

Don’t be afraid to drop a link within your opening paragraphs. Your visitor’s attention span is at it’s highest point at this stage. (Don’t over do it with too many links though)

Discussing how a product/service will benefit someone further connects with them on an emotional level. Why will the material benefit someone more than somewhere else?

Outlining the culture, or what to expect can again help someone determine that this is the “Right” choice for them

Personal review and experience with the product.

Make an offer and drop a your affiliate link.

Conclude the article and drop your affiliate link again. The reason that you are writing an article is to prompt your readers to click through to your affiliate links. Do not be afraid to be up front with them.

The link has the focus keyword phrase in it. This will help with Search Engine Optimization.

Different Directories and Submitting Your Article

These are my recommendations for where to submit your articles to. Article directories of very easy to use and best of all Free to submit your articles to. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me and I’ll help you through the process.

My Article Writing Secret Weapon

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