My Life Story

Hello my friend,

My name is Claude Toussaint, Born in New York I grew up between Switzerland and Long Island, NY until I was the age of 17, my family then moved to Princeton New Jersey for me to finish my high school years.  Not being the brightest in school I went to community college before I attended Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.

Unfortunately in Boston I think I had a little too much fun.  I moved into my own apartment with my friends the first year and it was a party house since then.  Realizing that I was not going to graduate university I decided on learning a secure trade to always be able to have the opportunity to put food on the table.

If I Have a Good Job I’ll Be Set in Life Right?

At the age of 21 I wanted to combine two of my passions in life, traveling and food.  I moved to Switzerland for 4 years to earn my chef’s diploma.  While I was living abroad learning my skills I developed a business plan for my own restaurant lounge club.

When I returned to the United States I moved to the beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania where I had extreme difficulty earning a substantial income to support my livelihood.  As a chef I put in some long hours in that hot kitchen.  If you think you had a hard J.O.B. try being at work every day at 9 AM working until 3 PM and then going back to work at 5:30 PM and working up until sometimes 11-12 AM.  That was pure hell my friend.  I quickly realized that I was tired of other people making money off of my back.

Last Time They Make Money off My Back!

I remember it as clear as yesterday when I was sitting on my bed after a long day of work.  I was   flipping through channels and there he was, Carlton Sheets with his no money down real estate buying system.  I had an epiphany, I told myself, hey you can do this!  I already had the business plan for my lounge club and now all I needed was just a little bit of knowledge to be able to acquire the best real estate for my endeavor.  The way I looked at it was that if I don’t learn anything or achieve anything from the course at least I will have better knowledge for when it comes time for purchasing my own house.

From that point on I really had the entrepreneurial bug.  I devoured that Carlton Sheets course in about a week, went purchasing properties in a month, I flipped my first no money down house within three months.  Then I was hooked.  I started buying educational books left and right reading all of Robert kiyosaki’s books, all of Donald Trumps books, going to all the seminars I can go to.  Things were going great.  Had my own company, my crew, Realtors were feeding me properties left and right, and I would reposition them in market then either hold or resell.  By 2007-2008 I accumulated a nice little portfolio of multi-unit apartment buildings and group housing.

Then I noticed a big drop in revenue. You see  I was making about $13,000 profit every month but that all changed come 2007.  With the housing bubble bursting I was not able to resell the single-family properties anymore.  I could only rely on the passive income I was receiving from my rentals.  This was not good enough and I have to figure something out quick because they were saying that the economy is about to collapse pretty soon.  Sure enough by 2008 half of my tenants lost their jobs and I had to evict half of my population.  I was broke going through foreclosure and I needed to find a solution fast.

My Life As a Internet Marketer…

I fell into the hype of being able to quickly and easily make money online like most people.  Through my everyday online surfing I couldn’t help but notice other individuals generating six figure incomes simply with their computer.  I started Googleing different ways to generate an income online.  My quest for online wealth only led me to getting scammed.  I sold a couple things or signed up a few people but in the process I was scamming other people because I myself was being scammed.  It was a big mess and I had no clue what I was doing.

I soon realized that if I was to accomplish anything Internet marketing I needed to educate myself with proper marketing techniques just like I did with real estate.  I went out and purchased a ton of tapes, CDs, e-books, courses, attended boot camps, I devoured any and all information I could find on the subject.  Made a few bucks but always felt like something was missing from the puzzle, always felt like the big guys were leaving something out.  It’s only when I got a proper educationt was I able to fill in the blanks that I was missing to finally fit the whole puzzle together.  Since then I’m able to generate a stable income and support myself simply with Internet marketing.  But… since I always strive for higher and greater this wasn’t good enough for me.

My Life As the Network Marketer…

I was introduced to Network Marketing back when I was 18 selling knives for CutCo.  Since then I always had interest in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) but never did anything about it.  Now armed with the marketing education that I had, I was able to see the benefits of multilevel marketing because of the success I had with my apartment buildings.  If you have a 20 unit apartment building and one of the units don’t pay, you still have 19 payments coming in to pay the mortgage.  The same is for MLM businesses.  If you have a team of 20 and let’s say 5 individuals are inactive you still have the other 15 working towards your paycheck. I was ready to sign up the world.

I soon found out that I was completely wrong in thinking that I could go peddling my business opportunity like I would an affiliate product in Internet marketing.  I was getting mediocre results.  So what did I do?  You guessed it….. Education!  My turning point in network marketing was when I was introduced to the attraction marketing techniques of Mike Dillard, but my income really started to explode when I started empowering my team.  By giving my team the blueprints to network marketing success, educating them on self branding methods and giving them my “turn key” attraction marketing, auto-pilot, lead generation system that I use today, My success was easily duplicated as they themselves became successful.

Time to Pay It Forward…

My goal or mission right now is to be able to help as many would-be entrepreneurs like myself prosper, laugh, have fun, and be proud of whatever business they are building.  It doesn’t matter if you’re network marketing, Internet marketing, Direct Sales or just building your wealth through investments and financial markets.  Giving somebody the skills and assets they need, so they can finally break through and succeed, is something I Have to do.  Why you ask?…. Because helping you helps me! Every question I answer is like continuing education for me.  Every new problem I can’t figure out forces me to find a solution.  Helping you succeed is one of my greatest passions because it helps me streamline my own knowledge.

With my personal life story and this blog I hope to empower you to take action and reached the levels of success you always dreamed of.  Take advantage of something I learned a while ago “the more you help others reach their goals, the sooner you will reach yours.”  Learn new skills and techniques, reach exciting new heights of awareness and achieve outstanding results.

This is a very lucrative industry and I want to coach and train individuals who realize that learning is an ongoing process.  However, I am only looking to work with individuals that understand this.  So if you feel your coachable or teachable and you have the ambition and desire to succeed I invite you to take the next step to work with me!

To our success….