blasphemously Video Tools

Let’s face it, video marketing is taking the Internet by storm. People are getting lazy, no longer do they want to read along a lengthy article. Instead, a nice visually appealing video that brings the message across will increase your conversion rates dramatically. use what I use when it comes to video marketing

antabuse to buy uk Animoto

Animoto is a great website to be able to easily produce professional videos simply from images. You can produce a full-length video with sound special effects graphics and animation simply from images they have in their database or you can upload your own images. This removes the necessity to learn Adobe flash to be able to create these highly impressive videos. With the ease of click, copy, and paste you can produce videos like the pros.

meaninglessly GoAnimate

With GoAnimate I have worn you is a website that is fun and highly addictive to use. What’s better than having a cartoon to promote your products. Choose from hundreds of characters and thousands of props and backgrounds. Animate and bring to life the cartoon characters to sell your product or tell your story. I have a lot of fun using this when I want to lighten the mood a bit during my videos, or if I want to appeal to a not so formal crowd

DVD Video Soft

DVD video soft is an open source software that is free to download. This program has an array of softwares that are highly useful in Internet and network marketing. I use this program extensively. It has video converters, screensavers, video downloaders, YouTube software, video converters for mobiles, video and audio conversion software, image and photo software, burning and ripping software, video and audio editing software and more free stuff is just crazy the amount of quality software that is included with this product

Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser is a very powerful software that I use to streamline the process of submitting my videos as well as backlinking them and my websites. Let’s face it feel marketing is one of the most popular marketing vehicles that is available online today. Everybody wants to see a video, people don’t like being bartered with reading content anymore, all they want to do is sit back watch and listen. It is very difficult to manually upload your videos to 20 to 30 different sites as well as creating blog posts converting them to podcasts and backlinking to the video and websites your promoting. Essentially what this means is that you create a video and in about 10 minutes you have 50-70 instantaneous backlinks to whatever it is your promoting. By writing my articles and announcing them through a short video and uploading it through traffic geyser I get a constant flood of traffic to my websites.

Tube Mogul

TubeMogul is somewhat like traffic geyser but not really. First of all TubeMogul is strictly for uploading videos to different video websites. TubeMogul is good because for free you can upload to 5 to 10 different video sites depending on the content of the video. Note: TubeMogul is very strict with the content that you upload to the site’s, it is hard to upload heavy marketing videos and affiliate program videos to the sites. But for the cost you can’t beat uploading with the click of a button to at least a minimum of five sites greatly improving the exposure of your videos


Camtasia is the software that I use when I want to do presentation videos as well as videos recording what’s going on my computer screen. This program is nice because it records exactly what you see on your computer screen. You can easily give presentations and have people follow along with you as you’re doing it on the computer. Instead of explaining somebody how to do something you can now show them. You can transmit this video over the web or you can simply record it and edited it. This also allows you to integrate this program with other common programs such as PowerPoint by Microsoft.