Email Tools

If you heard the statement the money is in the list then you heard the secrets of Internet wealth. these tools will help you generate, manage and distribute your e-mail campaigns to your faithful followers. Aweber Communications

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

E-mail marketing is the best way to get the most out of every visitor that comes to your websites. I personally use Aweber communications because they are the best auto responder in the industry. They have been around the longest and is the company that is white listed with the most e-mail servers in the world. I never had a problem with any of my e-mails ever ending up in the spam box. Without this service I would never be able to develop a trusting relationship with my readers, subscribers and visitors to my site’s. People in today’s world purchase things because the trust the person or store they are buying from because they have a good relationship with them. If you want to get multiple sales from one lead you have to get an auto-responder and start developing that relationship with your consumer. Get Response

Get Response by Implix is another auto-responder that many of the top marketers use. I personally do not use it because I use Aweber but I have heard many good things about Get Response. They have not been around as long as Aweber but they do offer many of the same services for around the same price. This is basically just a matter of preference, personally I chose to use what I felt was the best company. But because Get Response is also a very reputable company I had a tough time choosing between the two, this is why I have included it as well in my toolkit.

My Lead System Pro

Attraction Marketing SystemMy Lead System Pro is a complete automated customizable lead generation system. It allows me to incorporate my Aweber account into all of my opt in pages all while completely managing, filtering and processing my leads. This is a turn key system that allows me to take advantage of the benefits of list building with e-mail marketing, takes away the headaches of filtering and processing all the different e-mails and best of all is a complete package that can pass off to other individuals to educate them and teach them how to use opt in pages and e-mail marketing to explode their business. With this system you do however need to open up an account with either Aweber or Get Response

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Home by NuanceNuance produces a speech recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I personally hate to write, but I love to talk. This program allows me to produce several emails very fast. All I do is speak into the microphone from the headset that is provided with the program and instantly my words turn into text. I am able to talk to the computer in my normal voice at a normal speed and it miraculously recognizes what I’m saying and puts it to words right in front of my eyes. There are also many other features like controlling your computer, browsing the web, managing your e-mails and much more, but I personally use it just for the speech to text function. This is the best money I have ever spent to simplify my email writing.