Little of This, Little of That and a Dash of Personality

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First you should always question yourself what does success actually mean to you. Is it to make a couple extra hundred bucks to get a new TV, or maybe it’s to have an extra residual income stream to better your life. Maybe it’s just extra free time to spend with your loved ones.


As Easy as Flowing a Recipe 

Whatever it is, you can be sure there are already proven paths that previous people have already taken to achieve the same goal. You can achieve your dreams simply by following and mimicking other successful people, but if that’s all you do you’re leaving out the secret ingredient…. Personality!!

Achieving your marketing goals can easily be related to baking a cake. If you follow the recipe you shall succeed, but It’s not that simple, if that were the case then everybody who purchased a book or course would be millionaires.


The Fighting Chefs

Let’s take two Baker shops for example. They are owned by two brothers both of them use the exact same recipe that mother handed them down from generations of perfecting their family cakes. Both brothers make their cakes exactly the same way using the exact same ingredients and baking methods. There is one difference though one brother has always been strict to the books Word for Word never deviating type of approach to making his cakes. The second brother always had a more creative approach of experimenting, trying and even being daring enough to make the cakes look different (Can you imagine the horror LOL).

The two brothers could never get along which is why they had two different shops. Unfortunately what only one of the brothers realizes and the other didn’t was that their recipe handed down to them was pretty much the same recipe that every other Baker in town was handed by their family. So the one brother that simply followed the recipe, his cakes looked boring and like everybody else. Were on the other hand the brother willing to inject his own personality into the cakes stood out in the windowsills and made him and his bank quite happy.


Be Yourself

Where I’m getting at here is don’t be afraid to stand out in your marketing but especially don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being yourself is the key ingredient that differentiates yourself from anybody out there. You have certain traits and abilities that I will never have. That’s what makes you… You.

Don’t be one of those people that just pushes their opportunity or product or program or whatever it is just like the next person. Just because you tweet “Buy this product XYZ and make $45,678.32 in two days” 50 more times than your colleague does not give you any more chance of success.

Your personality and your character is what you bring to the table. Just remember originality sells

  • Maybe you have a fun way of approaching things.  A lot of people respond to a less formal environment
  • Maybe you have a very analytical mind. People respond to case studies and proven facts
  • Maybe your very lazy. Who doesn’t like to learn how to generate income while sitting on your ass
  • Maybe you have a dominating character. You’ll be surprised how many people simply like to be told what to do



Time to Take Over the World

Before you go making a mark on the world just remember to be yourself. The most important aspect of this online game is producing original content. There is no easier way to produce original content then doing, speaking, writing or sharing about something you love in a way that’s comfortable to you. Of course to have progress you have to get out of your comfort zone but do it in a natural way without being fake, and people will respond positively

To your wealth and prosperity my friends

all the best

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4 Responses to "Little of This, Little of That and a Dash of Personality"
  1. Florence Baribeau says:


    An interesting read Claude, I liked the Baker’s story, adding a little spice can make a world of difference! Thanks to sharing the tips…

    Have a great day

    • So True Florence,

      So many people are afraid to inject their own personality in their projects. i guess in fear of being ridiculed, when little do they know that imperfections only make them look real. 

      i always find it funny how i can relate so many thing in business or management to food. i dont know if it’s from my chef background or just cus i love food =D 

      either way glad you like the read, Thanks

  2. Angel Taylor says:

    I love the way you weaved your message into a story! What a great way to put your own spin and personality into it. And you are so right that there is such power in stepping up and out of the box by not being afraid to try something different than those around you.

    Great stuff Claude 🙂

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