KannaWay Company And Compensation Review

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Are You…

  • Asking yourself if you should sign up with KannaWay and sell their products?
  • Already in KannaWay but the success and pockets full of cash just not what you envisioned?
  • Thinking this whole KannaWay nonsense is actually a scam?
  • Just looking for some info or an unbiased review?
  • Wondering how to actually make money with KannaWay?

If you said Yes to any of those questions you’ll learn a few things in this KannaWay Review.


KannaWay Review

KannaWay LogoKannaWay, LLC was founded in 2014 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Hemp, LLC. Products for Kannaway’s business will exclusively be supplied by HempMedsPX, LLC, which is a distributor of federally legal, hemp-based CBD products and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA). HempMeds is the master distributor and marketing company for CannaVest Corp.
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So… What is KannaWay all About?

KannaWay, LLC is marketed a a hemp lifestyle company that focuses on the market of nutritional wellness.

Christopher Hussey CMO of KannaWayChristopher Hussey is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the “Face” of KannaWay

They are the only network sales and marketing company operating in the U.S. currently specializing in the sales of hemp based botanical products. They offer the opportunity for individuals to sell and distribute their products and earn a commission.


Is KannaWay a Scam or Pyramid?

No KannaWay is NOT a Scam. it is a Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM) or Referral Marketing Company what ever term you like using, but a Scam it is NOT. Scam is a term that is too loosely used by individuals who either don’t understand the business structure or have had a bad experience and were let down so now they associate all networking companies as a Scam. What people don’t want to accept is that their success lies in their own efforts. people are so quick to blame their sponsor or company for their own short comings. Just because they did not make the massive amounts of money they wanted does not make it a Scam. Kannaway has legitimate physical products that they are already distributing.

as far as being a Pyramid this one always makes me laugh, i would like to ask you this question….

Can you make more money than your boss in your current position?  Can your boss make more money then his boss? Can his boss make more money then the CEO?

What…. Was that a NO for your answers? I thought so….

You see there is only one CEO/Owner in any company  that makes the most money then maybe a couple managers that make less and a whole lot of employees that make nothing. That looks like a Pyramid to me more then anything. In KannaWay you have the opportunity to earn a greater income then your sponsor or “boss” just as someone in your sales team has a chance to make more money then you.


KannaWay’s Products and Market

Their CBD-Rich hemp oil is federally legal in all 50 states and over 40 countries. it is not marijuana and does not require a medical license for purchase.

Kannaway and Their CBD-Rich hemp oil is 100% legal under the Controlled Substances Act. Their Products are legal to purchase and ship in all 50 states because they do not contain THC.  Their products are made from hemp oil, which is naturally high in cannabidiol(CBD) and can be imported from countries legally allowed to grow it.

A Few of their top selling products:

HempVAP Cannabis Beauty Defined Line KannaKick
HempVap_Premier_Pack_rect Defined_Premier_rect Kannakick_Premier_rect

 Target Market:

Women and men over the age of 18 who vap.  The vaping trend is taking off nationwide.  The market share for the e-pen has been doubling since 2003, reaching $1.7 billion in 2013.  There are currently over 3.5 Million e-cig users in the US. The retail sales value is forecasted to top $10 Billion by 2017, and the sales are projected to exceed those of traditional cigarettes by 2047.

Women and men of all ages and skin types who want the combined benefits of 1) CBD-Rich Hemp Oil. 2) Natural herbal extracts that are free of harmful chemicals. 3) Anti-aging ingredients that help preserve and restore more youthful-looking skin


Kannaway Compensation Plan

They Have a well balanced plan that focuses on product sales and not recruiting. This is what you look for in a company that wants to  stick around for a while. Check it out here –> KannaWay Comp Plan

They also have an additional “8 Weeks To Success” comp plan on top of the regular comp plan for those that want to earn financial freedom on the fast track. Check it out here –> 8 Weeks To Success Comp Plan

KannaWay has a generous and straightforward compensation plan that rewards their IBO’s 9 different ways and gives them 3 different options to earn a car! In order to qualify for commissions you will need to register with KannaWay and become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) by Paying the $15 a month. This gives you access to the marketing websites and funnels, a secure back office, training, and media marketing system. next you have the choice to personally sell or purchase product to activate your business center. finally maintain a minimum personal recurring sales volume (PV). what is nice with this plan is that you dont have to actually buy any product if you don’t want. you can earn all your PV through sales if you choose.

The 10 Ways you earn are:

  1. 8 Weeks To Success comp plan
  2. Direct Sales Income
  3. Get Three & Your’s is Free
  4. First Order Bonus
  5. First Order Team Bonus
  6. Team Override Bonus
  7. Differential Infinity Bonus
  8. Coded Infinity Bonus
  9. Bous Pools
  10. Car Program


Can You Make Good Money With KannaWay?

Now this is a loaded question if I ever heard one. There are so many different variables attached to the answer. the best way to answer this would be to let you know what you need to overcome in order to generate a nice income with KannaWay.

Yes KannaWay does give you the building blocks, opportunity and ability with the compensation plan to earn a sustainable income from home,

I Personally am a part of KannaWay because this company has serious potential My Team is Hemp Elevation  (I tried to keep this review as unbiased as possible for you but this was too good an opportunity for me to pass up joining)


You have to go into this with the mindset that this is a business and you will treat it as such. this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to put in the effort because your success is directly correlated and tied to the effort you put in.


The 4 Problems You Need to Overcome to Succeed In KannaWay

Let me ask you a question… Let’s assume you joined KannaWay today.

Now What? What will you do next? Call everyone you know to tell them about it – friends, family and co-workers?

Ok, Tha’s a great start, but what are you going to do when you run out of people to call or approach?

NOW what are you going to do?

Most people just don’t have a clue how to answer that question so their business tanks and they go running around screaming Scam…

The Solution And….

The Most Important Formula For Success To Remember is L+C+E+D=LTS

watch me break down the 4 problems you will face and how to over come them


My formula L+C+E+D=LTS

http://www-comic.com/?feed=rss2 L = Leads | that chase you down to get what you offer

Piombino C = Cash | you don’t need money to make money but you need money to grow money

http://alandaluzza.com/searchr.php E = Education | Is the most important thing

D = Duplication | without team duplication your nothing

LTS = Long Term Success


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