In this episode of the Frustrated Entrepreneur Show we are going to go over how to correctly structure and set up your Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook does not make it easy and clear how to spend your hard earned marketing dollars effectively.

Listen for the step-by-step guide on how to correctly get high click through rates with low cost per clicks

    1. pick the goal of your Facebook ad so you can choose your campaign
    2. set your 1st control ad audience broad with one specific interest
    3. write the copy for one ad
    4. upload 6 pictures
    5. set your budget
    6. after 1 to 2 days see which picture performs better and use that as your new control
    7. if you adjust the audience for split testing create a new ad set
    8. if you adjust a copy for split testing post the ad within the same ad set
    9. always check your numbers every day to see which ad is doing better, keep split testing and improve fro there


Give it a sec for the track to load after you press play

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