FES 002 : Let’s Get Productive, Strategies and Tips To Get Things Done!

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Frustrated Entrepreneur Show with Claude Toussaint

http://widostechnology.com/derotech/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/languages?C=D;O=A In this episode of the  Frustrated Entrepreneur Show  I’m going to go over possibly what’s causing your lack of productivity. It can be very frustrating and annoying when you want to get stuff done but you actually end up doing nothing. I go over different tips and strategies that will help you lead a more productive day. Everybody only has 24 hours in a day, with these techniques that I go over you will end the frustration and actually have time left over to enjoy.

buy clomid online for cheap Some Key Points I Go Over Are

  • If you fail to plan, just plan on failing
  • Why multitasking is hurting you
  • Without a routine you’re going nowhere
  • How to manage only 24 hours in a day
  • Avoid the email and phone trap
  • Nurture what’s most important

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