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Thakurdwara Network Marketing Does Not Have To Be Hard

Network marketing is the best and easiest way for the average person to generate above average income in below average time. In other words, it’s easy to make a lot of money with network marketing…BUT!!!! You have to know what you’re doing, how to do it correctly, and how to pass on the success to your downline.

There are four main reasons why people do not succeed in network marketing. I will break each one of these down explaining what the situation is with these four main problems. If you already know how to handle these main problems and have a system already in place to automate your process then congratulations, you are part of the 5% that know what they’re doing. But if you were like myself, I needed a complete education and customizable system that would help my success as well as my downlines success.

buy Lyrica The Four Reasons Why People Quit Network Marketing Are:

  • Lack of leads
  • Lack of immediate cash flow
  • Lack of marketing experience
  • Lack of a duplicate-able system


Just remember there are no failures in network marketing just quitters before success.


Attraction Marketing System


Lack of Leads

Leads are one of the most important things when it comes to network marketing. This business is a numbers game, meaning the more qualified people you can present your opportunity to the more will sign-up. It’s as simple as that. Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough people to contact. Maybe you don’t like doing cold calling. Whatever you’re doing you should stop chasing your leads around and have them chasing you. Also people need to stop purchasing leads from databases, they are useless. You need to learn how to start generating your own list of qualified, targeted, leads. Leads need to be able to find you, understand what you can offer them, and THEY asking you to contact them because they’re interested in what you have to offer. This is the only way leads should be handled. Speaking to 20 interested people a day that asked you to call them compared to 50-100 random people to get the same results.

Lack of Immediate Cash Flow

Let’s face it, you got interested in a home business because you wanted to make money. Starting out in any business you typically don’t have a lot of startup money. It also always feels like you need money to be able to make money. Well the fact of the matter is, that you don’t need money to make money, BUT… you do need money to grow money. People make the mistake all too often on wasting their money on different ads, videos, traffic systems, pay per click etc. Save that precious money, because you probably already spent too much of it joining your business. You need to use free marketing techniques to bring in immediate cash to fund your main business. Your network marketing business is your long-term income. You have to be able to integrate affiliate marketing into your business to be able to generate immediate cash flow. You need what I call a “self funded marketing proposal” by monetizing your different webpages you will always have a steady stream of income to spend on marketing your business

Lack of Marketing Experience

Attraction Marketing System
You’re probably thinking right now, how the hell am I going to get those qualified leads chasing me and I don’t have a clue about affiliate marketing. This is exactly why people quit, trying to find out how. People get overwhelmed with all of the information that is available online on how to generate income, they don’t know where to focus. People need to stop buying the next and best e-book, stop wasting your money on all of the different courses where the secret to Internet wealth is finally revealed. You need to get the proper fundamental education on Internet marketing. You need to learn the correct marketing techniques. Strategies geared towards network marketing and affiliate marketing. In network marketing you have to learn how to do things the easy way by leaving a big enough footprint around the Web so your leads now come chasing you. With affiliate marketing, using free methods to generate that startup money, then using that income to scale up your marketing will really explode your business.

Lack of a Duplicate-able System

In network marketing it’s not all about you. Granted you can make a lot of money going solo, true wealth is found within the success of your team. All too often people (including myself) have joined a business, gone out signed up like 10 people then next month wonder why half of them dropped and the other half didn’t sign anybody up. People join a business because either they like the person, like the product or see the dream of wealth and freedom. You also have to understand if the person that joins your business does not know how to handle the three problems I mentioned above, you basically have just given this person another problem in their life to deal with. People like to take the easy way out, it’s human nature. You have to be able to bundle up an almost turnkey system including your lead generation techniques, monetization techniques and marketing knowledge for your downline to use. You need your downline to be able to easily duplicate your success without you having to hold them by the hands and baby every single person.

The Benefits you Get from My Lead System Pro

My lead system Pro is basically an MLM or network marketing success Kit. This is the system that I personally use as well as well as my downline. First of all you get the best education specifically geared towards network marketing and MLM business success from the top gurus in the industry. Everybody contributes in this community to ensure the success of every member. You learn about the essence of attraction marketing and lead generation where you become the hunted instead of you doing the hunting as well as marketing strategies such as calling leads, Facebook marketing, video marketing, pay per click marketing, blogging, LinkedIn marketing, keyword research, list builders, ezine / solo ads, free classifieds, forum marketing, content / article marketing and so much more. No longer do you have to scour the web looking for the latest methods. It’s a pleasure having all of the educational resources, webinars, audio recordings and boot camps in one place.

Also with MLSP your “self funded marketing proposal” is all thought out for you. This is a full turn key customizable lead generation and lead processing system. Armed with your new education on how to get leads chasing you, this system provides you with the necessary webpages to present yourself, your opportunity, a filter the leads to get rid of the tire kickers all while monetizing your efforts through related affiliate programs. This system allows you to generate an income from your leads even if they don’t join your business opportunity.

Finally and best of all this is a complete package and system for you to pass on to your downline, to educate them, empower them to achieve their own success and guarantee your own success.

Attraction Marketing System