How to Create Your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook is the leading social network platform. if you, yourself as an individual, your brand, your product or your company are not represented on Facebook you need to seriously reconsider your marketing. If you own a brick and mortar business or an online business it will benefit you many ways by having a sexy looking Facebook page.


It is actually extremely simple to set up your page. In this post I will go over the step-by-step procedures to get your page up and running within a few minutes.

The 1st thing to do is go to the web address http://facebook.com/pages/create this is the starting point

You will be landing on this page:
This is where you choose exactly what you will be representing. You have the choice between:


When you name your page, you want to make sure you use your own proper name. If you are a local business you want to use the name of your business. If you are a representative for a company you want to use your own name. You want something that is recognizable and easy to remember.
The next thing you’re going to do is fill out the description. This part is very important, you want to be as descriptive as possible. This section is not only used for the visitor to understand what your page is about, but also serves the search engines to find your page, when people do a search, either on Google or Facebook graph itself.

facebook page set up
I highly recommend using your keywords as well as including your website
Be careful, and put a lot of thought into choosing your Facebook URL. You only have one chance to do this. This is the part that comes after the Facebook.com that people will type in to find you. For example Facebook.com/“YOUR NAME”. If your name is already taken simply put a period in between or something of the sort.

Next you will want to upload a clear photo of you or your brand. This is the 1st picture that people see so you want this to be a professional looking photo that represents you, your brand or your company. Think about the image you want to get across to your fans before posting any random profile picture. They give you the option to upload a picture from your computer or from your profile page.

facebook page set up profile pic
The next step is completely optional. This step is to give you the option to market or promote your page so you can get more likes and more engagements. You can set up a daily budget. If you do choose to do this I would recommend starting off between $5-$20. You would simply choose the types of people on Facebook you want to target, their location a little bit of copy and you are done.

facebook page set up advertising
Once you’ve finished these steps your page will be up and running.

facebook finished test page
The 1st steps to making your Facebook page look nice and sexy is to upload a cover photo. Just like your profile picture you want this to be a professional looking photo. You are allowed to add text and your website to the picture. If you do not have the skills to design and create a professional cover photo you can easily have one created for $5 at fiver.com

To further edit the page click on the settings tab at the top. This will give you full access to all of the ins and outs of your new page.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments.

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