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Who is Claude?

I was Self Employed for over 10 years, I study online marketing and i use the techniques I learn to help the frustrated network marketing and Internet marketing industry.

Marketing University

"I had a problem with the education I was getting in school. It never allowed me, or showed me how to build, manage, or create personal wealth". Be Part of My Mastermind team, in the Continuous Education Community of Top Leaders I personally Belong to...

Marketing Courses & Learning Products

"I’m a firm believer in education. Without the search for more knowledge, you could never move forward". These courses & Programs I personally purchased for myself to help get me where I'm at today, & I recommend you do the same...

Claude's Tool Belt

After you get educated, like any professional you need the right tool for the right job. All the tools in my toolbox are programs that I personally use today or have used in the past. Pick a strategy, stick to it and get the tools needed to make your life easier for that one strategy.