Should You Bother with Branding?

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Should You Bother with Branding?

http://humanesmarts.org/event-report-giving-tuesday/ Branding is something that is simple to implement and will reward you handsomely in the future. Some people feel that branding is unnecessary simply because it can be overcome with good copywriting. I feel it’s important to understand and do both in order to have long-term success.

Branding is where an individual sees either an object, a phrase, a picture, a symbol or anything that makes the individual immediately recognize the company, product, mission statement, value that is being offered.

To easily explain this for example what is the first thought you think of when you see this picture.

nike branding logo

that’s the Nike swoosh they’re one of the  first companies to drop the actual name of the company and simply use an image to represent them. They are so well known that when you see this image you know it’s a Nike product. With that knowledge you know comes with years of excellent quality in sporting good materials.

or what do you think of when you see this logo

coke branding logo

Of course Coca-Cola is the most well-known brand on the planet. You can say “do you have a coke” almost anywhere on this planet and people know what you are referring to. When you see that name you know that you can have an expected refreshing taste that is consistent with every sip.

Building a brand like that takes years if not decades and billions of dollars. This is not what you should aim for.

There are four key factors that your brand should focus on and be consistent with throughout all of your advertising and marketing pieces.

  1. what is the value you bring to the marketplace
  2. what do you stand for? (Your values)
  3. what is your message – what’s the one thing everyone should know
  4. what is the vision for your life and business

self brandingThe whole purpose of branding for you, should be when somebody sees your face or name they know exactly what you represent. They know exactly what they can expect from you this way they have things to look forward to in the future.

Like I said earlier copywriting can be used to overcome branding as well as complement branding. A good copywriter can control a person’s state of mind where they’re not even thinking about the branded product or person but are simply in a trance and wanting to buy that specific product or service based on an emotion there having at that particular moment.

If there is a large enough demand or need, and when I say need I mean a desperate crowd searching for a solution to their pain. A good sales letter inserted at the right moment will overcome any branding on its own. With that said you still need to develop an established brand.

What Are You Bringing to the Game

Bring it for brandingThe value that you bring to the marketplace is what defines you. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and see where you can actually provide good value to your products or services. What is it that you’re offering that is actually helping the other person. What problem are you solving of theirs. How are you making their life easier.

What Are Your Values

branding valuesI’m sure you’ve heard the saying you can’t love another until you love yourself. You need to figure out what your values are as well. What do you stand for in this world. What do you honor, respect, loathe and even love. Are there certain things that you can’t stand that you would never put in your courses. Are there certain ways that you learn better that you can use to teach others.

What’s Your Message

branding messageWhat are you trying to get across. If you have one opportunity to tell somebody something before you died for 15 minutes what would it be? If you had one chance to get on stage to talk to people what would you say? What do you want people to know about you. The life lesson or message that you ultimately want people to understand.

Your Personal Vision For Life and Business

branding visionEvery company has a mission statement or vision of where they want to go and how they have to get there. You need to have one for yourself as well. If you don’t know where you want to go how are you going to get there. If you yourself don’t have a clear vision how can you expect anybody to follows you to know it. Without clarity your audience will never see a clear picture and never remember who you are.

Once you have the foundation of your brand the next step is simply keeping it consistent. Keep the pictures and your adds consistent with your character. Keep your trademarks and statements consistent with your vision. If people constantly see the same type of information or value coming from you they grow comfortable with you. Consistency is key to stay focused.

Remember it takes somebody an average of 3 to 6 times before they remember a commercial or a billboard sign they drove by. The more you stay consistent which are branding the more you will be able to retain your vision in their head.

To learn more about branding and how to take your business to a higher level than it’s at right now, then it all starts with education. I belong to MLSP University where you can earn a masterly in Internet marketing.

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